Philippine Self-Help Foundation

Celebrating 25 years with the PSHF

(L-R) Kristine Joy, Sherry, Ignatius, Lanie and Bernie

This photo was taken on the 12th of June 2014, the 25th anniversary of Bernadette "Bernie" Togado's first day with the PSHF.

Bernie recalls her first few days in the Bacolod office in the following article: "How it all began."

Together with Bernie in the photo are our two new PSHF Team members, Kristine Joy Santillan and Ignatius Mesias as well as long-time administrator Sherry Cataluña and Bacolod office coordinator Lanie De Leon.


On October 15th, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the central Philippine island of Bohol. We, in the PSHF are familiar with the towns which suffered the worst damage and we have many of our livelihood loan recipients who lost their homes. Three weeks after the earthquake, the central Philippines was hit by typhoon Yolanda and millions were affected. In both calamities, lives were lost and homes destroyed. 

In the aftermath of the calamities, the PSHF received a large number of donations and offers of assistance. We sent out teams in five provinces to provide relief goods and housing materials to over 100 affected families and communities. More recently, we have narrowed our focus to two provinces, Bohol and Cebu and hired carpenters to build homes for the neediest families. 

During the course of our work with survivors of natural calamities, we hear their stories and empathise with their sufferings. Over two days in late January and early February, a team of us met people who had suffered bereavement or injury in the Bohol earthquake. In the following article, Richard writes about these courageous people and how we came to meet them.