Philippine Self-Help Foundation

Celebrating 23 years in Negros Oriental

The field office in Negros Oriental... Recalling the early days and where we are now.

After five years of working from just the one office in Bacolod city, we opened a field office in the seaside village of Guba in Santa Catalina in 1992. As with the Bacolod office, the start was very low key; One day in October, 1991 PSHF trustees, John Wilson and Bernie Gampay happened to find themselves in need of shelter in a downpour and were taken to the home of the Blazo family who resided in Guba... Read more


Helping a family of banana growers in the hills

The PSHF team struggled up some rough and slippery terrain to get to Isaias’ home in the hills above Santa Catalina... Read more